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Cancer Care


An introduction to pathogenetic, pharmacogenetic and immunopathological considerations with respect to development and treatment of cancer and other diseases.

  • This course has been developed by the cancer specialist, immunologist and molecular pathologist Dr. Peter H Kayto enable all health practitioners to inform cancer patients more about the pros and cons of various treatment options. importantly, italso indicates how AYUSH and other CAM therapies can be integrated most effectively into a truly holistic anti-cancer treatmentregime.
  • Chemotherapyand radiotherapy remain frontline treatments for cancer patients. However, many chemotherapeuticdrugs are administered in an inactive form, as a pro-drug. When pro-drugs are absorbed into the bloodstream they needto be activated by an enzyme before they can be of help to the patient. Unfortunately, chemotherapy drugs can be quitedangerous to patients who have inherited an enzyme that activates a pro-drug either too quickly or too slowly. This courseincludes information about how a genetic typing service can be used to determine whether the patient has inherited abeneficialorharmfulgenetictypeofdrugactivatingenzyme.
  • Another important consideration with regard to determining the effectiveness of chemotherapy or radiotherapydepends on the genetic status of a gene called TP53. Neoplastic cells in about half of all cancer patients have been foundto have developed a mutant form of the TP53 gene. Recent studies have shown that the presence of a mutant form of TPS3significantlyreducesthebenefitsofchemotherapyandradiotherapy.TP53 genetics are discussed indetail in the course.
  • The course also includesa comprehensive introduction to immunity because many aspectsof immunity are relevant to the treatment of cancer.
  • In recent times, cancer cell specific metabolic pathways have been identified. This course also introducesparticipants to the sefinding sandinforms the mof ways in which these findings can be used to provide further help to the patient.
  • Finally, the course introduces participants to a range of RNA based ultra-dilute remedies, based on Patentedtechnology. These new RNA based remedies can be used to support the use of conventional treatments and provide a further treatment option, especially when the use of conventional treatment siscontra-indicated.
How to participate.
  • The course is undertaken completely online. There are no time limits or previous requirements.
  • The course is divided into five SECTIONS. Participants will receive SECTION I first. At the end of SECTIONI, there is a series of IO multiple choice questions. Participants must answer these questions and email their answers to Dr. PeterHKay at peterhkay@gmail.comOn receipt of satisfactory answers, participants will receive SECTION 2.Participants will then send their answers to SECTION 2 multiple choice questions again to Dr. Kay and so on. On completion of all five SECTIONS of the course, participants will be issued with a certificate of completion from the SSB Universal Integrated Medical Health Care Services, India which has been signed by Dr. PeterHKay.
  • The cost of the course is 10,000₹ for participants from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan and 250$ for participants from other countries.
Course contents.
  • SECTIONS I and 2 deal mainly with oncological considerations and SECTIONS 2 and 3 deal mainly with immunological considerations. SECTION5 introduces the participant to a series of RNA based ultra-diluted remedies developed to enhance the effects of conventional therapies and help the patient when convention altreatments are contra-indicated.

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