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The Chief Health Consultant, Dr.Chinta Raveendar

  • Previously worked as Assistant Director, Scientist – 4 in CCRH, New Delhi, Min. of AYUSH, Govt. of India.
  • Post Graduate in Homoeopathy, Microbiology, Zoology, Psychology, Sociology, Bio - Informatics, Nutrition & Dietetics, Preventive & Promotive Health Care, Holistic Health, Nano Technology Sensitization Programme.
  • Associated with many Clinical & Fundamental Basic Research Projects in Homoeopathy, Collaborating with many reputed Institutes of Medical & Allied Sciences.
  • Associated with Fundamental Research Projects of Homoeopathy.
  • Presented 96 Scientific Papers at various International & National Conferences / Seminars.
  • Co-author of books on Homoeopathic Pharmacology & Keynote Materia Medica published by CCRH, New Delhi.
  • Resource Person for many CME programmes and ROTPs of Min. of AYUSH, Govt. of India.
  • Recipient of WHO Fellowship on Immunocytochemistry & 36 National and International Awards.

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Here we are giving Best Homeopathy Teatments


Asthma is a disease affecting the airways that carry air in and out of your lungs. It is a chronic disease in which a person's airways become inflamed, narrow and swell making it difficult to breathe. The muscles around the inflamed airways get irritated causing them to contract (squeeze) which leads to narrowing of the airways.


Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as diabetes, is a condition that impairs the body's ability to process blood glucose, otherwise known as blood sugar. All the cells in the human body need glucose for energy and Insulin hormone for its use. This hormone insulin moves sugar from the blood into your cells to be stored or used for energy.

Dust Allergy

Dust Allergy is caused by dust mites, which are extremely tiny bugs that belong to the spider family. They live in house dust and feed on the dead skin cells that people regularly shred. Dust mites can survive in all climates and at most altitudes. Dust mite allergy is an allergic reaction to tiny bugs that commonly live in house dust.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is also called Alopecia. Hair loss can be defined as loss of hair in excess than the normal or the failure of hair follicles in the scalp to grow new hair leading to the development of baldness gradually. It is also common as well as a major problem among everyone these days. This problem is not just in the adults, among the children too.

Female Disorders

The female reproductive organ includes the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina and cervix. Disorders affecting any one of these organs are referred to as female disorders. Female disorders affecting the ovaries are ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome. ovarian cancers and also causing Infertility problems and related Sexual problems.


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